18 November, 2019

Betting is a thrilling sport in its own right. Instead of showing physical prowess, people showcase their armchair managerial knowledge tactical prowess to determine who will come out on top. However, betting on cricket doesn’t have to be limited to just the team winner or loser. There are several other betting ideas where you can use your skills and turn a profit. 


Here are some uncommon ideas to test your luck:

1. Betting Draw

Beyond victory or loss of either team, a third result exists in test matches, i.e. match draw. Usual cricket enthusiasts are not fond of a match that ends in a draw, but it could be a great option to bet upon. Laying the draw has an unusual perk – the ignorance of bookkeepers. Test cricket has formed a reputation of having as many draws as wins/losses; however, the reality is far from it. Over the decades, the rate of a drawn test match has steadily declined. While it once used to be around 45% in the 1980s, it fell below 30% in the current decade. In the year 2018, a mere 21% of the matches ended in a draw. Thus, you have the opportunity of leveraging the wrong pricing of a draw by the bookkeeper.

2. Cricket Betting on Top Player – Team

Another unconventional method of Cricket Betting is placing bets on the top player of a team. In this method, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the whole team. All you need is to guess the player who would make the most runs in that team.

However, one must remember that bookkeepers have their list of ‘favourite’ players – famous players who are known to be the hard-hitters. Such players would get low odds and thus a low opportunity for you to make profits. On the other hand, lesser-known players get higher odds. If they shine, they can shine your fortunes too. For instance, in the current India Vs Bangladesh Test match, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli were the obvious ‘favourites’. However, both of them failed to score, while Mayank Agarwal emerged as the biggest run-maker. People who placed bets on Agarwal made a fortune.

3. Betting on Top Player – Match

This is similar to the previous method, except that you now need to guess the best player from BOTH the teams. This might seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly easy if you know the tricks. To begin with, there are NOT 22 players to choose from. Players that bat below Number 6 has almost no chance of becoming the top player – so that leaves only 12 players. Among these, one can always look at their previous performances to see which players are in the best form right now. In certain matches, one team is much better than the other (for instance, an Australia Vs Zimbabwe). There, even though you are betting on the best player in the match, you are really only betting on the players from one team.

4. Betting on Run

This strategy, which can be used in many ways, is a little-known trick of experienced players. One way of using this method is by guessing the runs that would be made in a match. However, you don’t have to guess the exact runs to be made; all you need to do is say whether the final score would be Under or Over a certain number. It might sound random, but you can research the factors (like if the field supports batsmen or bowlers, if it rained recently, if the team has multiple batsmen in form, etc.) to guess whether a team would be able to reach a certain score or not.

Another way of using the strategy is by betting whether there would be a fifty/hundred scored in a match. The strategy generally draws low odds in Test matches, where it is relatively easy to score a century. However, in T20 matches, where centuries are a rarity, such bets can get you amazing odds.

Now that you know these unusual cricket betting ideas, it is time to try out something bold and fresh.

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